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With an honours degree in Interior Architecture from Curtin University, Courtni specialises in luxury residential and retail design within Australia. With a strong passion for high-end finishes and new technologies, Courtni is always striving to push the creative boundaries of materiality in the projects she works on. Having worked under some fantastic architectural mentors, Courtni continues to build on her love for luxury design and aims to create meaningful buildings that are rich in materiality and hidden meanings. In addition, Courtni’s background in the furniture industry adds another layer of expertise that she draws on when working with clients.


“Everything we see is designed, but is it designed well? When I design interiors, I want to create something that will look timeless a hundred years from now. Something that is super expressive and indicative of the person(s) using it and something that is liveable. Most importantly it must make sense to the person(s) using it and evoke memories and feelings of the mind.”

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